Wooden Gazebos

The Amish Wood Gazebo Kit is an attractive set to make relaxing outdoor protection. Built fully with stress treated yellow pine wood, this wood gazebo kit is built to last remaining strong and hard-wearing out in the weather. Place this on a tangible slab or build it over a beautiful elevated deck to add the nature and tranquility of a peaceful outside area to relax after a long day. Our best quality gazebos are made using only the toughest materials and are constructed utilizing only the best workmanship. 

Our gazebos are completely customizable; prefer your style, roof material, flooring material, stains, colors, and many other alternatives to design an arrangement that fits your budget and taste! From our unexpected sales associates to our responsive, talented installation experts, you can rely on Turtle Roofing to give you the exceptional service you deserve!

Wooden Gazebos are stand-alone structures usually added to decks or yards for the reason of enjoying the outdoors. Always round or octagonal in shape, a gazebo has a done roof and floor, as well as the knack to have finished or screened walls, providing users with shade and some fortification from the elements while exterior.

The most ordinary material for a gazebo to be constructed from is wood, with hot hardwoods lasting the best ever and needing the least upholding. However, with wooden, vinyl gazebo kits are also available, which can last up to two times as long.